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SEE Exam In Nepal – Everything We Need To Know About


The Secondary Education Examination (SEE), formerly known as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam, is a vital exam for students in Nepal. Conducted by the National Examination Board (NEB), the SEE exam is a gateway to higher education in Nepal.

Importance of SEE Exam:

The SEE exam is the most critical exam for Nepalese students as it determines their eligibility for further education. The exam is considered the Iron Gate Exam because it is mandatory for students to pass the SEE exam to pursue higher education, such as the 10+2 program, which is equivalent to A-levels in other countries. Therefore, the SEE exam plays a significant role in shaping the future of students in Nepal. students can also prepare their exam from Notes Vandar , where they get lots of Notes For their exam.

Preparation for SEE Exam:

Preparing for the SEE exam is crucial for students in Nepal. The exam is considered to be quite challenging, and students need to score well to secure admission to higher education institutions. To prepare for the SEE exam, students in Nepal usually attend coaching classes, solve sample question papers, and revise the entire syllabus thoroughly. Many students also seek online resources and attend virtual classes to prepare for the exam.

SEE Exam Date and Results:

The SEE exam is usually held in March/April of every year, and the results are announced in June/July. The NEB releases the SEE exam results on its official website. Students can also access their results through SMS or by visiting their respective schools.


The SEE exam is an essential exam for students in Nepal, and it plays a crucial role in shaping their future academic prospects. Passing the SEE exam is mandatory for students to pursue higher education, and the exam’s score determines their eligibility for admission to various courses. Therefore, students must prepare well for the SEE exam and strive to achieve their desired scores to succeed in their academic careers.